Community Engagement

BlueCHP Community Engagement Methodology

BlueCHP Limited started in 2008 as the development arm of five community housing member organisations and currently holds Tier 1 status under the National Registration Scheme Community Housing (NRSCH). BlueCHP members have built their reputations as leading community housing providers over a number of years and collectively manage more than 8,000 properties under numerous programs funded through the Community Housing Division (CHD).

The five founding not-for-profit member associations include:

  • Argyle Community Housing
  • Hume Community Housing Association
  • Southern Cross Community Housing
  • Wentworth Community Housing
  • Women’s Housing Company

What is community engagement?

Community engagement is the process of working collaboratively with community groups to address issues that impact the well-being of those groups[1]. It can include a variety of approaches such as information delivery, consultation, involvement and collaboration in decision-making and where applicable formal partnerships.

Importance of engaging in the local community

BlueCHP acknowledges there is a clear importance in engaging with local communities. BlueCHP aims to strive to be clear in why they are engaging local communities and what approaches suits each community housing development we are involved in.

The core to community engagement in community housing is the central connectedness within the local community itself. BlueCHP believes in local resident participation (including prospective tenants), being able to respond to local community needs, having a greater degree of flexibility as well as partnering with other community-based organisations in order to provide affordable housing for low to moderate Australians.

Examples of who BlueCHP has engaged with recently

Other community based organisations:

  • Share Care - Providing property service advice to disability provider in Western Sydney. Share Care provides flexible quality of life services to families who have a child or young person with a disability within our community.
  • Aftercare - Evaluating an existing building with 15 studio accommodation as a method of providing assisted living for their cohort who suffer from mental illness.
  • YFS Woodridge - Providing development management services for YFS. Our scope is to undertake a feasibility study of an existing social housing site to determine the highest and best use for the site and the best return on investment for YFS.

Local Councils

  • Logan City CouncilLogan Renewal Initiative
  • Campbelltown City CouncilThe Gardens project
  • Hills Shire Council Civic Way, Rouse Hill (member project in conjunction with Wentworth Community Housing)
  • Blacktown CouncilRopes Crossing (ADI St Marys Project)
  • Penrith Council Jordan Springs (ADI St Marys Project)


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