​BlueCHP is interested in sustainability in an economic, environmental, and social sense.


We put people and community at the centre of our development planning and decision making. Our aim is to demonstrate the benefit of having affordable housing in prime locations within our cities and towns. This includes high housing cost areas that are well located to transport, schools, shopping, hospitals, and employment. BlueCHP understands by not having key workers willing to work in areas where the housing costs are high will diminish the liveability of these locations. We use best value approaches in the planning and delivery of our services, including:

  • our considered method of revenue raising through leasing and management fee structures,
  • planning for future impacts from a tax on carbon or emissions,
  • the prudent manner in which we invest and use our equity to leverage new funds,
  • determine the preferred options for addressing affordable housing needs in the short and longer term,
  • contribute to educating the private market about affordable housing supply.


BlueCHP is conscious of the need to reduce the carbon utilisation, emissions and reduce the effects of climate change by aiming to acquire, design and develop housing that:

  • improves the water and energy efficiency of its housing,
  • maximises the thermal comfort by passive methods (design, orientation, sun shading,)
  • minimises the household’s carbon footprint
  • achieves a minimum 5-star energy equivalence rating
  • is digitally capable, enabling current and future technology uses that promote independence and enhanced liveability


By increasing access to affordable housing, we work towards integrated and sustainable communities that function in a way that benefits the whole community. Enabling key workers to live close to their support networks of family and friends provides a sense of belonging and a place to call home.