Asset management

Jozef Sirec - Asset Manager is responsible for strategic asset planning and maintenance management, and to optimise the service delivery of owned assets and manage the related risks and expenditure over their entire life cycle.

The divisions focus is to

  • Retain value of owned assets to support BlueCHP’s core business activities
  • Provide clear guidance strategies and framework for our members and key stakeholder to ensure assets are being maintained and service delivery targets are achieved
  • Proactively review asset performance for best use, sustainability and or disposal to achieve greater value for money through evaluation options
  • Conduct asset management with an integrated and transparent approach with our members, key stakeholders, and end users to deliver quality services efficiently and effectively
  • Ensure strict compliance for statutory requirements

Asset management planning is imperative to monitor as it will optimise the value of assets within our property portfolio. To ensure resources are efficiently utilised, this systematic approach is aimed at streamlining the day-to-day management of a property, provide innovative and flexible solutions, and to encourage a robust pro-active culture.  

The asset management framework