Renting and repairs

Social housing rent

BlueCHP works in line with the Housing NSW Community Housing Rent Policy.  

Rent is calculated taking into account 25% of your total assessable income, 15% of Family Tax Benefit Part A and B, 15% of income of household persons aged 18 – 20 years (who are not the tenant or their partner) and 100% of Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

BlueCHP will calculate rent payable at the commencement of your tenancy and then conduct a rent review twice each year to ensure you are paying the correct amount of rent.

When there are changes to your household income you must notify BlueCHP within 14 days of the change and provide all of the information required to re-calculate your rent.  If a tenant does not do this the rent will increase to full market rent until this information is provided.

BlueCHP is committed to sustaining tenancies; as such we encourage you to ensure you are always two weeks ahead with your rent.  If for some reason you fall behind in your rent please contact us immediately to discuss a solution.

Read the BlueCHPs policies on social housing rent and rent arrears.

Affordable housing rent

BlueCHP follows the National Rental Affordability Scheme Regulations when assessing household incomes and setting rent.  At the commencement of your tenancy BlueCHP will set your rent by assessing the gross household income for the 12 months prior to the start of the tenancy.  It must be equal to or less than the relevant income limit for the household’s composition.

In following years household income may increase above the income limit by up to 25%, however if your household income exceeds 25% of the income eligibility guidelines for more than two years you will no longer be eligible to rent an Affordable Housing property from BlueCHP.

Rent is calculated taking into account both the market rent for the property and the household income.  Rent will be set at least 20% below the market value or at 30% of household income, whichever is the lowest.

BlueCHP will conduct a rent review once each year to ensure you are still earning an income which means you are eligible to rent an Affordable Housing property from us.

Please click on the policies link to read BlueCHPs policy on setting rent on Affordable Housing properties (change as applicable depending on how the policies are available online.  Also, this policy is still to be provided.)

Repairs and maintenance

BlueCHP is committed to ensuring we provide housing of a high standard.  We only develop properties we ourselves would be happy to live in. It is important to us that each property is maintained to a high standard. This will ensure your ongoing comfort while living in the property.

BlueCHP will repair or replace any part of the property you are renting, if it is required, and we will cover all costs as long as you did not cause the damage yourself.

Where a repair is required you can contact us anytime by
complete a maintenace form 
or phone 02 4621 8699  

If you call us after hours, your repair will only be attended to immediately if it is assessed as being urgent.  If it is not urgent we will arrange your repair the next day and a contractor will call you to make a time to complete the repair. If a repair is required due to normal everyday use, BlueCHP will arrange the repair and cover the cost. However, if you have damaged something BlueCHP can still arrange the repair, but will enter into an agreement with you so that you can pay off the cost of the repair.

It is important to report all repairs as they are required.  This will ensure your home remains comfortable. Unreported repairs can result in further damage to a property.

Repair timeframes

BlueCHP will assess each repair reported to us and assign an appropriate timeframe, as follows:

  • Urgent responsive work
    Maintenance which requires immediate attention because there is a threat to the tenants’ health or safety or risk of serious property damage will be attended to within 4 hours.  Where work cannot be completed within 4 hours and the area can only be made safe, the contractor will return to site to ensure completion within 24 hours from the time the work order was issued.
  • Rapid schedule maintenance
    Maintenance which will lead to an increase in cost or further damage or to an inexcusable inconvenience to the tenant will be responded to within 5 working days of being reported by the tenant to BlueCHP.
  • Schedule maintenance
    Non-urgent or critical maintenance will be responded to within 28 days of being reported by the tenant to BlueCHP.
  • Legislative cyclical maintenance
    Maintenance required under legislation will be attended to within the require timeframe as applicable under the relevant legislation. 

What if the repair is outstanding

If you have requested a repair and it hasn’t been attended to, please give us a call back on 4621 8699 and let us know.  We will follow this up for you and call you back with an update.

Alternatively, you can choose to lodge a complaint. To do this you will need to:

Download and complete a complaints form (87kb)

Find out more information about BlueCHPs policy in relation to the management of complaints.


It is important to note that repairs are only available on things which were in the property when you rented it from us. If you are requesting for something additional to be supplied, for example air conditioning, this will be at your cost. You will also be responsible for any repairs or maintenance required on anything added to the property.

If you wish to add something to a property you are renting from BlueCHP, you must complete a modification request form.  

Download and complete a modification request form  (100kb)

BlueCHP will respond to you in writing to let you know if your request has been approved. You must not alter a property unless you have approval to do so.

Additional useful contact numbers

It is important to remember that BlueCHP doesn’t supply your gas, electricity, water, telephone or internet. If you are having a problem with any of these you will need to contact your supplier.  Some useful contacts are as follows:

Sydney Water 132 090
Energy Australia – emergencies 131 388
Energy Australia – repairs 132 604
AGL – Gas leaks 131 909