Pet Policy

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Pet policy is to outline the conditions under which BlueCHP will allow tenants to keep pets in properties owned or managed by BlueCHP.

2. Scope

This policy relates to all properties managed by BlueCHP.

3. Policy Statement

All tenants must have written approval to keep a pet or pets at any property managed by BlueCHP and this consent will be maintained on a tenants file.

4. Approval for keeping a pet

Tenants applying to keeps pets should make a written request, noting the type and size of the pet(s) they wish to keep. Approvals must be obtained for all new pets in the household.

BlueCHP will abide by the legal requirements in relation to guide dogs and ‘hearing dogs’ and will not discriminate in the provision of accommodation due to a person’s use of such a dog.

Applicants for housing will be informed that access to housing where a pet can be kept may extend the waiting period for housing.

5. Guiding Principles

BlueCHP will not unreasonably withhold consent for keeping a pet. However, BlueCHP will consider the following factors in deciding whether to grant approval for keeping a pet:

  • whether the property is suitable for the animal, including whether there are suitable areas of open space for animals that require exercise
  • whether the animal is likely to cause disruption to neighbours (even if neighbours have not yet made a complaint)
  • the number of animals that may already be approved at a property
  • whether the animal is required or has been recommended for medical of psycho-social reasons (e.g mental health recovery)

If approval is granted by BlueCHP:

  • it is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the Companion Animals Act
  • tenants will be required to complete a signed Pet Agreement which may have a range of conditions included for keeping of the particular pet
  • tenants are responsible for the behaviour of the animal at the property

Approval to keep a pet may be withdrawn by BlueCHP if the animal:

  • causes a nuisance or annoyance to neighbours
  • unreasonably interferes with the peace, comfort and privacy of neighbours
  • causes significant and ongoing damage to the property

Where approval is withdrawn, tenants will be advised that their tenancy may be at risk if the animal is not removed from the property within the time period specified. Tenants will also be advised of their right to appeal this decision

6. Restricted or dangerous dogs

Restricted breeds or declared dangerous dogs, as declared by local councils are not permitted in BlueCHP properties under any circumstances. Approval will not be granted for these dogs and any existing approval will be withdrawn if a dog is subsequently declared dangerous by the relevant council authorities.

7. Legislative and Regulatory Framework

  • Residential Tenancies Act 2010
  • Companion Animals Act

8. Complaints and Appeals

A tenant who is not happy with the decision made by BlueCHP or who believes that BlueCHP has not followed this policy can utilize BlueCHP’s Appeals Policy.