What we do

BlueCHP is a not for profit organisation that was established by five community housing organisations (service providers). Our role is to grow the supply of high quality affordable housing in Australia for those individuals experiencing housing stress.

BlueCHP’s day-to-day activities revolve around property development, procurement and property management activities.  BlueCHP conducts tenancy management and day to day responsive repairs and maintenance.  In addition, BlueCHP also leases out properties to service providers to manage on behalf of the organisation.

With assets over $250 million, commercial ownership of over 680 homes, and a professional skills based board and management with substantial international experience in both the development and financial sector, BlueCHP is recognised within the housing sector and external developers as the pre-eminent CHP development and asset manager.

Working with BlueCHP not only means access to commercial property development practises, it also means working with a development management company that thoroughly understands and specialises in the requirements of the affordable housing sector. We provide the following services:

  • business strategy
  • governance and direction
  • feasibility and business cases
  • tender preparation
  • site acquisition
  • finance procurement
  • development and management
  • project delivery
  • contract management
  • life-cycle asset management

BlueCHP's aim

BlueCHP’s aim is to grow the supply of high quality affordable housing in Australia through property development, procurement and property management activities. Established by five of the largest community housing organisations in New South Wales (service providers), BlueCHP’s role is to develop and acquire affordable housing opportunities for service providers. Service providers then manage proprieties within two segments:

  1. people living in disadvantaged circumstances
  2. key worker housing

Our business objectives include planning for our future sustainability with less dependence on government funding, which requires our business model to be commercially robust and our thinking and strategic partnering to be innovative.

BlueCHP’s vision

  • maximise the availability of affordable housing in Australia through a culture of social entrepreneurship
  • to be the first choice for industry partners and employees, with a reputation for excellence built on our core values
  • seek to ensure service providers, clients and stakeholders are served to enable them to be heroes in the eyes of those they represent
  • plan to be financially self-sustaining; and
  • only ever develop or invest in projects that we would live in ourselves

The BlueCHP vision comprises of continually building strong relationships with property institutions, lenders, government, investors and other community organisations to reach a common goal through a mutually beneficial endeavour.

BlueCHP’s mission

  • acquiring, developing and growing sustainable affordable housing for its service providers (Argyle, Hume, Southern Cross, Wentworth and Women’s)
  • provide services that will assist its service providers and,
  • provide community housing and not-for-profit organisations to deliver responsive housing services to their clients

BlueCHP’s mission will be achieved because of its core DNA:

  1. Development expertise - BlueCHP’s senior leadership team comprises of skilled property staff with an enviable depth of experience in the complete life-cycle of property development. With the combined expertise of the BlueCHP group, we have delivered over 1500 properties to community Housing members and have retained ownership of over 680 properties in the last four years alone.
  2. Long term asset management expertise - Being an asset owner and developer, BlueCHP understands the need to address long term life-cycle costing of property ownership.
  3. Sector financial expertise - BlueCHP taps the sophisticated financial markets for funding, together with accessing State and Federal Government programs. BlueCHP has international financial expertise with experience in accessing onshore and offshore financial markets for over 30 years.
  4. Transaction Design -We provide transaction structure design to ensure that risks associated with a project are correctly identified and managed. Transaction design covers areas of property legal structures, financing, and over all expertise in assisting organisations with structures to ensure that their desired outcomes are achieved in the most efficient manner.

BlueCHP is a not for profit company and registered charity and therefore is exempt from a range of taxes and duties as well as receiving concessional treatment for Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST). These exemptions enable BlueCHP to be more competitive in the property development market and provide significant cost savings to our service providers and clients.