Competitive advantage

Advantages of the BlueCHP Model over individual companies pursuing growth, or one conglomerate/merged company include:

  • Collaborative customer relations - BlueCHP continually aims to share its expertise and lift the profile of the community housing sector by strengthening its customer relationships with key industry bodies and its members.
  • Market leadership - Recognised both within the housing sector and external developers as the pre-eminent Community Housing Provider (CHP), development and asset manager. The banking community have stated that BlueCHP is one of the top CHP’s in this market segment.
  • Financially sustainable - BlueCHP has a financially strong balance sheet with assets over $250 million dollars.
  • Managerial expertise - We focus on management quality with the BlueCHP board and management having both international and professional experience in the housing, development and property industry. BlueCHP actively seeks to engage and retain the services of the best advisors in their sector including law, planning, property advisory, valuation, property finance, and quantity surveying.
  • Community empowerment - All tenancy management remains locally based ensuring the continuance of the Community Housing ethos.
  • Multiple funding sources - BlueCHP has access to multiple sources of finance for the provision of housing.
  • Risk management - BlueCHP mitigates capital risk by utilizing the specialist expertise within the organisation.
  • Experienced organisation - BlueCHP gives the members critical mass and expertise in development that they could not individually achieve.

Differential advantage including NSW Land and Housing Corporation

BlueCHP differential advantage

  • Financially sustainable, strong Balance Sheet
  • NFP Status means all profits are ploughed back into the business
  • Mission is to create more affordable housing
  • Accessing Superfunds/Offshore Debt markets
  • International and professional experienced Board and Management