Our history

BlueCHP was launched in 2008 to be the development arm of five community housing member organisations (service providers) and has a Tier 1 status under the National Regulatory Scheme for Community Housing (NRSCH). BlueCHP service providers have built their reputations as leading community housing providers over a number of years and manage more than 6,000 properties under numerous programs funded through the NSW Community Housing Division. The five founding not-for-profit member associations are (collectively known as "service providers") :

Southern Cross Community Housing Ltd (Southern Cross)

Hume Community Housing Association Company Ltd (Hume)

Argyle Community Housing Ltd (Argyle)

Wentworth Community Housing Ltd (Wentworth)

Women's Housing Company (Women's)

The service providers realised that they could benefit from establishing a company (BlueCHP) that possessed the financial and professional resources to tender for government funding, purchase development sites and complete developments and negotiate the purchase of multiple dwellings in one transaction. It is a condition of membership of BlueCHP that each Member maintains current Tier 1 or 2 Registration as a Community Housing Provider. BlueCHP is not involved in tenancy allocation or management. All properties within the BlueCHP portfolio are head leased to our service providers for them to manage.

Delivery for members