BlueCHP is governed by an independent board consisting of eight directors. BlueCHP is currently a registered Tier 1 registered community housing provider under the National Regulatory Scheme Community Housing (NRSCH)  and is currently an active and founding member of the NSW Community Housing Risk, Compliance and Governance Network.

The board of BlueCHP has overall governance responsibility overseeing the operation and strategic planning. There are also sub-committees in place focusing on specific areas of the business and provide a direct board level link to decision-making in areas such as:

The Audit, Risk & Governance Committee

The  Audit, Risk & Governance Committee  assists the Board in maintaining compliance with the Constitution, the Corporation Act 2001 and ASIC reporting and disclosure requirements; provides financial oversight through regular review of financial accounts and advice on the Company’s financial health and risk profile; and provide guidance to the Board regarding the development of quality financial management policies, processes and practices. The risk is managed under ISO31000:2009 framework utilising the Compliance Risk Management Platform.  The Committee also assists the Board in establishing and maintaining corporate governance standards; assists in monitoring and supervising quality governance processes to ensure they meet standards set by Regulatory frameworks, accreditation and other assurance and compliances standards; and provides guidance to the Board regarding all relevant corporate governance processes and practices.

The Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee of BlueCHP assists the Board in the recruitment of the CEO and senior management positions to ensure that the organisation structure of BlueCHP provides for the effective operation of the Company. It reviews salary packages against the market to ensure that employees are remunerated commensurate with the position’s requirements and makes recommendations to the Board.