BlueCHP is governed by a non-executive skills-based Board of seven directors. The Board’s specific mix of skills and experience was selected to combine good corporate governance oversight and add value. The Board carries out its primary role of ensuring the long-term prosperity of BlueCHP by setting board strategies and policies and ensuring that they are effectively implemented by management.

BlueCHP is a registered charity and Tier 1 registered housing provider which requires it to report to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and National Regulatory Scheme Community Housing regulators respectively.

The Board has established committees to assist it to carry out its responsibilities.

Audit, Risk & Governance Committee

The Audit, Risk & Governance Committee assists the Board by monitoring and reviewing risk oversight, financial health and performance, internal and external reporting, compliance, audit, governance and policies and processes. It also recommends initiatives and implementation of new processes and practices to improve the company’s performance.

Remuneration Committee

The key responsibilities of the Committee are to ensure the rates of remuneration offered by BCL are appropriate to attract and retain high-quality people; to align with and support BlueCHP’s Strategic Plan and Business Plan, and engender the culture set by the leadership. It effects this by making recommendations to the Board.