What is community housing?

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is rented to people on moderate incomes, who pay no more than 80% of market rent. The reduction in rent is designed to ensure tenants can afford other basic living expenses.

When BlueCHP has a vacancy in one of our affordable housing properties we will advertise its availability.


To be eligible to rent a BlueCHP affordable housing property you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an Australia citizen or have permanent residency
  • Be able to establish your identity
  • Be able to sustain a tenancy
  • Not own any assets which could be used to solve your  housing need
  • Meet the National Rental Affordability Scheme household income eligibility limits.

For detailed information on these income eligibility limits visit the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) – household income (indexation) website.

Social Housing

Social housing is for people on low incomes and includes public housing properties which can be managed by government or Community Housing Providers like BlueCHP.

Social Housing rent

For our NSW social housing portfolio, BlueCHP works in line with the Housing NSW Community Housing Rent Policy.

Rent is calculated taking into account 25% of your total assessable income, 15% of Family Tax Benefit Part A and B, 15% of income of household persons aged 18 – 20 years (who are not the tenant or their partner) and 100% of Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

BlueCHP will calculate rent payable at the commencement of your tenancy and then conduct a rent review twice each year to ensure you are paying the correct amount of rent.

When there are changes to your household income you must notify BlueCHP within 14 days of the change and provide all of the information required to re-calculate your rent.  If a tenant does not do this the rent will increase to full market rent until this information is provided.

BlueCHP is committed to sustaining tenancies and we encourage tenants to ensure you are always two weeks ahead with your rent.  If for some reason you fall behind in your rent please contact us immediately to discuss a solution.

Read the BlueCHPs policies on social housing rent and rent arrears.