Social Homes

What is social housing?

Social housing provides secure and affordable rental options for individuals who cannot access or maintain housing in the private market. They can be managed by the government or Community Housing Providers like BlueCHP, and are government-subsidised to support short and long-term rental housing. 

To access a social home, people must meet the eligibility requirements set by their state/territory and apply. Social homes are allocated according to need to people who are unlikely to afford rent in the private rental market or need help finding a suitable home due to needing medical, age-related or other supports.  

These are homes where people can live in comfort and dignity and enjoy housing security. For some people, they provide a place where they can rebuild their lives, acquire education skills and access employment opportunities. 

Social housing rent can be calculated as a percentage of the household income or a percentage of the local market rents. 

Who is eligible? How do I apply?

 To access Social Housing, you must be able to satisfy eligibility criteria set by the relevant state or territory via an application process. In general, eligibility requirements include being a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, over the age of 18, and having a household income within the state/territory eligibility limits. 

 To see if you are eligible and how to apply, please review the relevant state/territory department resources below:  

New South Wales 



Australian Capital Territory 

South Australia 

Northern Territory 


Our tenancy partners

BlueCHP is a provider of a portfolio of social, affordable and disability homes ranging from Victoria to Queensland and with properties in development in South Australia. We partner with locally based service providers for tenancy and asset management to support our residents. 


Home in Place 

Home in Place provides tenancy and/or property management for over 7,800 social, affordable and disability housing properties in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and New Zealand. 


Argyle Community Housing 

Argyle Housing currently operates in 17 local government areas and currently serve over 4,500 tenants and 2,400+ properties across NSW and the ACT. 


Jacaranda Housing 

Jacaranda Housing is a community housing provider providing housing and reduced rents to vulnerable people on low incomes across 60 locations in South-East Queensland. 


Southern Cross Community Housing 

Owns and manages approximately 2,300 dwellings covering Southern East NSW, with a service delivery area from Wollongong to Eden across to Cooma and Jindabyne. 


Evolve Housing 

With a presence in 38 local government areas across the Sydney and Hunter regions, as well as the NSW Central Coast and Mid North Coast. Evolve Housing manages 4,522 properties, housing 10,364 residents.