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New homes open at Ropes Crossing

BlueCHP and Disability Services Australia are proud to open a new development at Ropes Crossing, two new homes built for people who need extra support to live independently.

Each new home will house four people, with the first providing full-time support and the second, when people are ready, providing a safe place where residents can live more independently.

BlueCHP CEO Charles Northcote said affordable housing, with the right supports, was the best way to help people live active lives in the community.

Mark Spurr, CEO of Disability Services Australia said residents would be supported by dedicated mentors to create a routine, develop new friendships and learn practical life skills.

Faber, who attended the opening at Ropes Crossing, has recently been living at Liverpool Hospital.

His mother had been his full-time carer and he has struggled to look after himself since she passed away.

Faber has an intellectual disability from a traumatic brain injury and his health deteriorated without his mother’s care.

Late in 2017 he was admitted to Liverpool Hospital until suitable long term accommodation and care could be found.

Disability Services Australia will work with Faber to understand his needs and to develop his ability to live independently.

The project was developed without the assistance of government and given the demand for this type of housing BlueCHP is seeking grant funding to extend the program.

The development is part of BlueCHP’s broader program of work at Ropes Crossing, which will deliver 168 new affordable homes to the community.

BlueCHP also recently won the Hunter Residence Project, which will see almost 70 new homes built for people with disabilities as part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

BlueCHP is a Community Housing Provider, who specialises in the development and retention of affordable housing, having delivered 1700 dwellings since 2008, retaining 750 for 1300 people.

Disability Services Australia is a social enterprise supporting 2,500 people with a disability, employing more than 1,400 people across New South Wales.