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Logan Renewal Initiative Attracts International Interest

This past week in Queensland, Brisbane hosted the 10th biennial Asian Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) and Mayors Forum, receiving over 1,000 attendees from across the world, including Mayors and their delegates from more than 70 cities.  Recognised as the region’s leading business and government forum for managing cities and urban development, APCS provides a dynamic and interactive platform for participants to exchange knowledge, identify a common agenda, develop shared solutions, improve city governance across the Asia Pacific region and ensure sustained prosperity

Growth management was a common theme of conversation at this year’s forum, particularly the challenges of housing supply and affordability.  As Australia’s largest transfer of social housing and a key contributor to the supply of affordable housing in Logan, the Logan Renewal Initiative has stimulated much discussion within Australia and is now attracting interest from overseas.

In conjunction with the Qld Department of Housing, BlueCHP’s Darren Mew was pleased to accompany Auckland City Council Mayor Len Brown and Chief Executive Stephen Town on a tour of the Logan Renewal Initiative.

Darren said “there are strong parallels between the housing deficits in Australia and NZ and much that could be learnt from the ongoing discussion. Just as the Logan Renewal Initiative is unlocking supply in Logan, New Zealand’s Central Government Housing Accord provisions have significantly accelerated the supply of housing in New Zealand. Auckland City Council is recognised as a leading participant in the establishment of new housing opportunities through the implementation of Special Housing Areas.”

Having achieved significant success in Auckland, the City Council is continuing to explore new approaches to unlocking housing supply.

Darren Mew
Senior Manager – Logan Renewal Initiative