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Macarthur Gardens development - commendation in UDIA awards

9th Aug 2017 | posted by BlueCHP

BlueCHP’s Macarthur Gardens Development by Scott Morrison

1st Jun 2017 | posted by BlueCHP Limited

BlueCHP’s Budget Comment

1st Jun 2017 | posted by BlueCHP Limited

BlueCHP’s commencement to tenancy management services.

7th May 2017 | posted by BlueCHP Limited

BlueCHP annual report out now

25th Nov 2016 | posted by BlueCHP

Logan Renewal Initiative cancelled

1st Sep 2016 | posted by Administrator

Revealed: how and why housing at Waterloo beat Sydney Uni for a rail station

29th Jan 2016 | posted by Administrator

Opening Ceremony of 33rd house at Ropes Crossing

26th Oct 2015 | posted by C Chiu

BlueCHP’s latest development – The Gardens

9th Oct 2015 | posted by M Steimbeisser

A new ramp for Share Care’s inclusive Child Care Centre “Cooinda”

9th Oct 2015 | posted by J Sirec

BlueCHP Limited Membership to Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA)

9th 07 2015 | posted by Christina Chiu

On the 19th March 20915 Community Housing Federation of Australia (CHFA) members passed changes to the CHFA constitution allowing it to transition into a new national industry body known as the Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA). The legal transition to CHIA was completed by 30th June 2015.


CHIA is a member based national industry body dedicated to represent community housing providers on a national level to Government, other national peak bodies and the private sector. CHIA aims to be a strong single voice in the industry for policy, advocacy, representation, training and resourcing.


BlueCHP is delighted to become a Gold Foundation member for CHIA in June 2015. As a Gold Foundation member, BlueCHP will be provided the following services:

  • Promotion and Marketing services to ensure a strong national profile and reputation for the community housing industry
  • Policy development, consultation and advocacy services to influence and shape social and affordable housing policy and programs both nationally and within NSW
  • Networking and collaboration between community housing providers that face similar opportunities and challenges
  • Tools and resources to support cost effective business practice (eg training, business development services, compliance and regulation services)
  • Industry and workforce development to establish the skills and settings required to position the community housing sector to take on new growth and development opportunities and appropriately manage the associated risks and responsibilities

CHIA has a branch office in every State and Territory which will afford BlueCHP local jurisdiction representation.’ .   

For further information regarding CHIA – please click on the link