Complaints and appeals

BlueCHP aims to deal with all complaints about the provision of BlueCHP’s services excluding tenancy management in a manner which will optimise a satisfactory outcome for all parties.

Complaint and Appeals Guiding Principles 

  • It is the right of every person to complain about the service they are receiving without the fear of retribution. 
  • It is important that any person/s affected by the complaint should be fully informed of the complaint and be given the opportunity to present their case.
  • BlueCHP undertakes to inform the complainant of the outcome of the complaint and seek feedback about both the outcome and the complaint process.
  • All complaints are to be recorded by the relevant staff member and signed by their direct manager. The complaint should remain confidential between all parties involved.
  • Complaints should not deprive the person of the right to access the service.


A complaint can be lodged if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with the service you received from BlueCHP. 

  1. If your complaint is in regards to how your property is managed please liaise with your Property Manager in the first instance. 
  2. Should you feel dissatisfied with the response received by your Property Manager, or in cases involving your Property Manager, please direct your complaint to BlueCHP. Once we received, we will investigate the complaint and provide a written response 28 days after receipt. The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) are also a way you can seek to resolve any disputes. For more information call 1300 006 228 or visit
  3. In cases where your complaint is about services provided to you by BlueCHP directly, please direct your complaint in writing to BlueCHP. Once received, we will investigate the complaint and provide a written response 28 days after receipt. 


If you disagree with a decision made in regards to your property, you have the right to lodge an appeal. In the first instance, you should lodge an appeal with your Property Manager. The decisions that can be appealed are generally made under your Property Manager’s housing policies. You can access these policies through their websites or by requesting them through your Property Manager directly. 

Decisions that can be appealed are:

  • Request for property improvements that were rejected
  • Request for property alterations and additions that were rejected
  • Complaints that were handled inappropriately

Grounds for making an appeal 

  • If you believe the relevant policies and procedures were not followed, 
  • If you believe an outcome deemed by a tenant to be unfair or the decision was made without the right information.

Guidelines for responding to an appeal 

Internal review – The person handling the original decision will reassess their decision based on the reasons given by the tenant.  The internal review decision will be given to the tenant in writing.

Internal appeal – If the tenant is still not happy with this decision, they can ask for a secondary internal review by the next level of accountability as well as the Property Manager’s CEO.  This should be received in writing.

2nd Internal appeal – The person handling the original decision will supply all paperwork to BlueCHP to be reviewed. BCL will liaise with the Organisation and their CEO for review. The outcome of this decision will be given to the tenant in writing by the BCL CEO.

If you are unsure whether you can appeal a decision please contact your Property Manager. 

If you remain dissatisfied with the decision of your appeal, there is an external appeals process available through the NSW Housing Appeals Committee (HAC). The HAC is an independent appeals agency that reviews decisions made by social housing providers state wide. For more information call 1800 629 764 or visit

Contact information

Send all written complaints and appeals to
BlueCHP Limited

All complaints and appeals are treated confidentiality and with sensitivity. 

October 2015