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BlueCHP delivering new homes for people with disabilities

The Hunter Residences Program will deliver 69 new homes for people with disabilities in NSW, helping to support people moving out of large residential institutions in the Hunter Valley.

The new homes will provide community based accommodation and appropriate supports, to ensure people get the best possible care in their new homes. 

It is the first project to be funded by Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) payments, which are being made available under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

BlueCHP is partnering with Compass Housing and Lighthouse Infrastructure Fund, under the Home4Life consortium, which was selected by the NSW Government to deliver the project. 

Compass Housing will provide tenancy management services and Lighthouse Instructure Fund will finance the $170 million project. 

BlueCHP is currently the largest developer of SDA housing in Australia through the Home4Life joint venture. 

The Hunter Residences Program is a project of firsts. The first project under the NDIS to receive SDA payments and the first to attract investment from the Australian superannuation sector. 

All new Hunter Residences dwellings have been designed by expert architects for contemporary, community living and in accordance with the NDIS and NSW Government standards.

All of the people living in the Hunter Residences and their families have participated in detailed planning to prepare to move into their new homes.

An extensive consultation process was undertaken to ensure residents and their families needs were incorporated into the planning and redevelopment process. 

The project will also see a select tender process for a Supported Independent Living (SIL) provider, to ensure residents receive the best possible care in their new homes.

BlueCHP is a not for profit registered Tier 1 Community Housing Provider (CHP) providing social, affordable and disability housing. 

BlueCHP is entering its 12th year and was created by 5 other CHP’s who needed a specialist developer of affordable housing. 

With seed funding of $5 million, BlueCHP has grown to now hold $300 million worth of assets, delivering more than 1700 dwellings, with nearly 800 retained, home for 1,300 people. 

The NDIS has made provision for 28,000 Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) payment packages to support participants in appropriately designed housing.