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BlueCHP Partners with Argyle Housing to win Tolland renewal project in Wagga Wagga.

BlueCHP is thrilled to announce it has been selected, along with Argyle Housing to deliver the Tolland renewal project in Wagga Wagga.

Charles Northcote, BlueCHP’s CEO said Wendy Middleton, who is the CEO of Argyle should be congratulated because of her dedication to the project.   

Minister Pavey and Wagga Wagga council should also take credit for ensuring the project has reached this important milestone,” Mr Northcote said. 

Now the project has been awarded, it will progress to master planning, which is expected to take around 12 to 18 months.  

There will be no tenant relocations until thmaster planning and a delivery strategy are finalised, while residents and the wider community will be consulted throughout. 

The original Tolland Estate was developed between the 1970s and 1990s and currently contains about 230 properties owned by the NSW Government.  

The project offers the opportunity to revitalise the Tolland Estate, providing modern housing that better suits residents and creating a vibrant community 

The project will deliver social, affordable and private homes, while creating open spaces and community infrastructure, connecting people with jobs, transport and services. 

The project will help break the cycle of disadvantage by building safer and stronger community that is able to provide better opportunities and tenant supports. 

It is expected the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation, which provides low-cost loans and funding for infrastructure, will also play an important role.